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Analytics & Insights


Swigg specialises in delivering impartial and foretelling insights to suppliers, retailers and other members of the retail industry.


We understand the day to day and strategic requirements of key commercial, marketing & sales roles. We also have an in depth knowledge of analytics and data processes.


We have significant experience in ‘joining the dots’ across various data sets including scan wholesaler, consumer, shopper, field collection and financial information. We are also adept at using most popular Business Intelligence tools and research supplier’s software.


We deliver the actions you need to take to optimise your business performance and take advantage of future opportunities.


Swigg can cater for your ongoing analytical and insights requirements, giving our clients an efficient spend for the specialised service when needed.



On-Premise Analytics & Insights


Whether you’re supplier, a hotel group, a hotel or bar owner, Swigg can uncover the hidden gems that will drive your on premise business success into the future.


Swigg utilises a number of proprietary processes, tools and analysis specifically designed to generate insights from cash register/till sales in the on premise channel.


The Swigg team’s on premise credibility through years of hands on experience and through successfully building and servicing Australia’s first loquor On-Premise market information service, BARSCAN –


Marketing Analytics

  • Market Opportunity Identification

  • Market Trends and Projections

  • New Product Launch Evaluation

  • Brand Planning


Sales Analytics

  • Channel Strategy Optimisation

  • Category Reviews

  • Price Promotion Analysis & Optimisation

  • Distribution & Ranging Analysis

  • Merchandising Activity and Trade Incentives Return on Investment


Analytics & Insights

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