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Self Service Models

  • New Insights from Disparate Data Sources
  • Self Service, Interactive 'BrandPrint' Style Reports
  • Customised to your Requirements
  • Swigg's Experience & Knowledge that makes it Easy for You

Many organisations have under-utilised data sources that hide potential gold nuggets of insightful information. Many of these data sources sit in excel spreadsheets and redundant database files.


Much of the time, the opportunity to uncover insights by integrating different data sources from current information tools is missed as the various 'silo' systems don't talk to each other. Other times, the task is inefficient and time consuming with resources learning 'skills on the job' they are unlikely to use again.


Swigg Consulting has extensive experience in transforming data from disparate sources into meaningful, accessible and practical insights.  Our business knowledge helps our clients understand which data sources marry well together and the types of insghts they will generate.


The data sources we have worked with in recent times to uncover hidden insights and deliver new KPI's for business's include:


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Information

  • Field Audit Data from Customers

  • Budgets and other Financial information

  • Retail Scan Data  - On and Off Premise

  • Transactional Sales Data

  • Wholesaler Sales and Rebates/Claims Data

  • On-line Sales and Customer Loyalty Data

  • Wine Awards and Medals data

  • Industry Sales and Volume Data

  • Advertising Spend

  • Economic & ABS Data

  • Consumer Tracking Research

  • Geographical data for Mapping

  • and more...


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