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BrandPrint's for Claims reduces the resources required to complete the monthly wholesaler & retailer claims reconciliation process while improving the accuracy and transparency of the money flows.

Delivered in BrandPrints unique, intuitive & interactive reporting platform

  • Reconcile the 'Claims Books' with immediate resource savings, increased timeliness & accuracy

  • Clarity on where the trade funds are being allocated

  • Visibility on which trade activities and customers are delivering a return on money spent

Claims Management 

Simplify Your Claims Process

Example Funding

Claims Reconciliation 

  • Enables easy reconciliation with wholesaler& retailer accounts by collating all types of transactions.


  • Minimises manual coding of thousands of claims notices and manages cross-checking.


  • Delivers 'ready to load' reports for the finance system.


  • Includes quick reference and checking reporting for the finance team (ie by claim number, product, date, amount, claim type and more).

Funding Allocation

Allocates trade funding customised to your business's requirements:


  • Internal Accounts eg. trade spend, advertising and promotion.


  • Product, brand or brand owner.


  • State managers and area managers


  • Deals types


  • Banner, Group, Customer


Efficient Spending

  • Easily evaluate deal and funding structures to maximise return on trade investment.


  • Manage trade execution by:

    • sales rep performance

    • deal penetration and compliance

    • identify under- or overspend by outlet


  • Monitor total spend by outlet (combines multiple claims on a transaction)

The Detailed Data Process

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