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Self Service Analytics for Managing Sales, Customers & Brands
Easy to Use
People-focused for high adoption & self-service for maximum benefit
Immediate Return on Investment
Identifies opportunities and actions to increase sales and resource efficiencies
Low Risk & Fast Implementation
Affordable 'Out of the Box' subscription service for fast implementation with minimal impact on resources
Brandprint brings decades of experience in information strategy, analytics & insights into your business to deliver immediate and measurable benefits.


Easy to use

§Makes complex data easily understood and actionable.

§Designed with different user audiences in mind.

§Accessible anywhere, anytime.

§Delivers ‘one version of the truth’.

Increases sales and efficiencies

§Focussed on core sales drivers that deliver results.

§Enables informed conversations with customers.

§Frees up resources to find solutions rather than sorting and compiling information.

Low risk & fast implementation

§Low cost subscription service

§Off the shelf with typical setup taking two weeks

§Future proof with ongoing training and support



User Focused Reporting
Review performance versus target. Manage potential shortfalls. Understand key sales drivers and determine the most efficient path to build sales.


General Management
Tools to maiximise sales resources, build efficient ranging in customers & key accounts and manage customer investment.
Sales Management
Tools to identify sales opportunities, increase customer engagement, support new products purchased and identify potential delisting's.


Area Managers
NPD & Market Activation
Track new product sales & pipeline.
Complete measure and evaluation on customer investment & key trade promotions.


Pirate Life
William rant & Sons 2
Taylors Wines
Brown Brothers
Spirits Platform
Stone & Wood
Australian Vintage 2
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