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BrandPrint's sales analytics platform has been designed from the ground up to solve real business issues.

BrandPrint is customised to your business so you can start taking advantage of insights and sales opportunities immediately.

BrandPrint pays for itself many times over in next to no time.

  • Intuitive Self Service Dashboards & Reports

  • Track Underlying Retail Sales Drivers

  • Action Focused Opportunities

An Essential Business Tool for Sales Managers & Reps in the Retail Industry.


Track sales versus budgets and key sales drivers including:


Volume/value per outlet Brand & SKU ranging

Rep Call


Identify importance and performance of outlets against Rep territory. Know new product listings and details of recent purchase dates, prices and purchase sizes.


Hit Budget

Know which Reps are tracking below budget. Target outlets that offer the highest sales opportunities with overdue purchases.

Build Ranging


Increase sales Rep efficiency by building product ranging. Target products that deliver the best sales opportunity for customers in each Rep's territory.

Track NPD

Track trial and repeat purchases to identify new product long-term success. Identify & support outlets with healthy repeat purchase rates. Action pull-through mechanics in trial-only outlets.



"I would say the best analytics/reporting I’ve seen since I’ve been in the industry!" Chris Blockley, National Accounts Manager, Casella Family Wines

7 Reasons Why BrandPrint


  1. Best practice self-service dashboards and reports with no need for user training

  2. BrandPrint's report framework proven in the field and delivers results

  3. BrandPrint comes customised to your view of the world for product and retail outlet segmentation

  4. As many users as you like and no license fees

  5. No investment needed in infrastructure & resources to process & build data cubes and update reports

  6. No risk with no minimum monthly subscription period

  7. BrandPrint is available on the Desktop, in the Cloud and on Mobile devices

See for yourself how BrandPrint can deliver immediate sales results and benefits to your business.

Get in Touch for a demonstration today

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