BrandPrint's for Claims reduces the resources required to complete the monthly wholesaler & retailer claims reconciliation process while improving the accuracy and transparency of the money flows.

Delivered in BrandPrints unique, intuitive & interactive reporting platform

Claims Reconciliation 

Funding Allocation

Efficient Spending

  • Enables easy reconciliation with wholesaler& retailer accounts by collating all types of transactions.


  • Minimises manual coding of thousands of claims notices and manages cross-checking.


  • Delivers 'ready to load' reports for the finance system.


  • Includes quick reference and checking reporting for the finance team (ie by claim number, product, date, amount, claim type and more).

Allocates trade funding customised to your business's requirements:


  • Internal Accounts eg. trade spend, advertising and promotion.


  • Product, brand or brand owner.


  • State managers and area managers


  • Deals types


  • Banner, Group, Customer


  • Easily evaluate deal and funding structures to maximise return on trade investment.


  • Manage trade execution by:

    • sales rep performance

    • deal penetration and compliance

    • identify under- or overspend by outlet


  • Monitor total spend by outlet (combines multiple claims on a transaction)

  • Reconcile the 'Claims Books' with immediate resource savings, increased timeliness & accuracy

  • Clarity on where the trade funds are being allocated

  • Visibility on which trade activities and customers are delivering a return on money spent

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